The Miele S2121 Olympus, Best Hardwood Floors Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming isn’t the chore that is most enjoyable, but getting the correct model for the occupation causes it to be better. Check out our evaluation of the hoover, including its evaluations on various standards, if it’s the correct one for you personally to determine.

The Miele S2121 Olympus is a light weight, white canister hoover that’s meant to be used on reduced-pile carpeting, rugs and hard flooring. In addition, it features a method, a dust bag change indicator, and a substantial handle and filter for trapping dirt. It is the best hardwood floors vacuum hardwood floors vacuum cleaner

The S2121 Olympus retains an upholstery tool, a brush, and a crevice device onboard for specific cleaning occupations. It may often be bought for less from Amazon, although the vacuum includes a regular retail cost of $3 6 9. Wherever you choose the Miele, in the event that you want to spend numerous dollars, consider making the purchase using a benefits credit card that is related. Notice that there’s also a newer variant of S2121 Olympus, called the Traditional C 1 Olympus. In accordance with the Miele site, add-ons and its features are exactly same.

We examined critiques of a few of the most famous vacuums out there to produce an authoritative buyer’s information. We checked out expert views from review sites such as c net The Sweethome and Excellent House Keeping. We subsequently examined user evaluations to see what consumers were stating in regards to the different aspects of every hoover.


The hoovers’ scores, which operate from a low of 1 to a high of 10, incorporate what users reported about each version’s general operation and just how each performed in a variety of settings, like on hardwood floors or stairs. We also factored in ’ observations that were reviewers on features such as background level and durability to get a well-rounded look at every model. We also considered observations that were reviewers on features like durability and noise intensity to get a well rounded look at every version. It acquired a remarkable 9.0 complete, a 9.0 in cleansing skill, a 10.0 in skill to clear hardwood, and an 8.6 in simplicity of use.